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Tj Power's

Tj Power

Author, neuroscientist and speaker.

Tj Power is an esteemed neuroscientist, author, and renowned international speaker, and the co-founder of Neurify, a prominent organisation at the forefront of the mental health sector. Neurify specialises in providing accessible and scientifically-backed teachings to enhance the optimisation of human’s mental health.

Having commenced his career as a psychology lecturer at the highly-regarded University of Exeter, Tj recognised a significant gap in the available mental health support within educational institutions and corporate environments. With a mission to empower individuals and equip them with the necessary tools for positive change, Tj has delivered over 350 impactful keynotes across the United Kingdom and on the international stage. Attendees of his presentations consistently report feeling empowered, motivated, and equipped to transform their mental well-being.

Tj has gained significant recognition for his groundbreaking approach to mental health, particularly in the face of the challenges posed by our modern, digitally-driven lives. Notably, he has achieved remarkable success in implementing his strategies within renowned companies such as Coca Cola and the National Health Service (NHS), dismantling the barriers between our lifestyles and the well-being of our minds.

Tj’s influence extends beyond physical engagements, as evidenced by his substantial and ever-growing social media following. With over 400k followers on Instagram alone, Tj possesses a remarkable ability to communicate the intricacies of neuroscience in a manner that resonates with individuals of all ages, enabling them to comprehend and take actionable steps based on this knowledge. As a result, he is highly sought-after as a presenter within various media outlets, solidifying his status as a leading authority in the field.


Tj’s 60-minute keynote:

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